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Version 2.0 is up in the App Store for review now. I know everyone has been clamoring for it Smile
But in the off chance anyone actually reads these - 

The game is completely remade in Unity from scratch. All new sprites for the asteroids, stars, and astronaut.

Thanks to unity the graphics have also got a nice step up since I've added Particle effects when you hit a star or asteroid.

I've added an achievements system that gives you points for surviving long enough or getting enough points. Accruing points and then spending them in the achievements menu is a really great ay to make the game play more like how you want. You can spend points to increase the spawn rates of bonus stars and certain bonus effects, like longer times for all the timed power ups, or more points for the Basic and Delux stars.

Have fun using this system to push your high score past everyone else!

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